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2How we use what you tell us

Your personal details – passing information to the police

We must pass a summary of all allegations of child abuse to the police. We will ask if you would like us to give your name and contact details to the police. 

If you say yes, the police may contact you and they may investigate or take action. We will not be involved in that. 

If you say no, we will pass the allegations to the police without your name and contact details. 

In a small number of situations, we may have to pass your details to the police or social care without your agreement. We will only do this if you tell us something that suggests that someone might be at risk of significant harm.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us.

Your experience

Your experience can help us understand more about child sexual abuse. If you share your experience with us, we will ask for your consent to:

  1. use your experience as part of our research – to learn more about child sexual abuse to help protect children in the future, and  

  2. possibly publish an anonymous summary of your experience – to inform people about the effects of child sexual abuse and encourage other victims and survivors to come forward. 

We will never publish any personal details about you and no one will be able to identify you.

Whatever you decide about agreeing to 1 or 2 above, you can still share your experience.

You can change your mind about allowing us to use your information any time before the reports or summaries are published. Just let us know by phoning us, or emailing or writing to us.

If you are ready to take part

Get in touch

Your privacy

There are very limited circumstances where we tell anyone your name without your consent, for example if a child is currently at risk and we need to tell the police.